Monday, October 3, 2016

Self Investment: What Instruments Do You Play?

I once heard an amazing analogy and decided to dedicate the time and dive a bit deeper into its meaning. Here goes...

Let's say I am hired to play the cello. When I am at work my role is to play the cello, very straight forward.  However, I can play a multitude of other instruments; I play the piano, saxophone, and violin. But again, when I am at work, my role is to play only the cell. Therefore you can begin to see how just playing the cello at work does not fulfill me completely. 

What do I do? I continue to focus on my other crafts outside of my role, I look for opportunities to play other instruments, in addition to the cello, at work and outside of work; to continue to invest in myself, my ambition, and my craft. However, I must remain steadfast and sure that I am still playing the cello well at work. (I mean that is what I am being paid to do, correct?) 

But once I master the role of playing the cello, I will need to have a conversation with my leader and mentor. In this conversation I will need to communicate my abilities and interest to play more than just the cello. However, the foundation of this conversation is going to be my performance at work, my strong ability to play the cello. Leading into the brand and reputation I have developed playing the cello well, and perfecting my craft in other areas outside of my role.  Maybe there will be additional opportunities at work, and maybe there won't be. But, what I have done is hold myself accountable for my personal actions and development. 

What's to gain? Well, a lot. Now I know what my curiosities are and how to ensure that I am fulfilled personally and professionally. I have increased my personal skills and knowledge in areas that interest me. Further, if I am now aware of my capabilities and communicate that, who will? 

Remember, we are all provided with a God given level of influence on the course and the direction of our lives. It is up to us to make use of it. 


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