Wednesday, June 15, 2016

Your Presence

Recently I have began paying very close attention to the presence that people possess. Let me elaborate a little for you, by presence I mean the emotion and physical tone that a person possess when they come into contact with other people. The natural way that they make other people feel when they are in the presences of others. 

For example, when you, as an individual, walk into a room what is the emotional responses that you arouse in the people who may already be there? Can you change a room by your sheer presences (for the better or for the worse)? 

Let us take this a step further, I am not just talking about the greeting, although that is an element. I am talking about the body language of people and their visceral reaction. When I walk into a room, I was people for feel at easy, I want people to know they can be honest with me and that things get done. 

Going back to observations, I have witnessed two “leaders” with a very distinct style of leadership bringing a presence into a room. 
Leader A, will walk into a room say hello to everyone in the room. His presence is transparent, but he commands a level of respect and drive that you immediately understand.  You are aware that he is here, but it there is not a "heavy" feeling in the room. This is a major soft skill of a Lean on Me Leader, and comes to many people quite naturally and other this type of presences takes conscious awareness.
"Leader" B, will walk into a room, bypass everyone that is in the room and immediate go to their desk. At this point, they have not acknowledged a single person in the room; but will immediately begin ‘barking’ out orders. This leader possess a very "heavy" feeling every time they enter a room, people begin to clam up, hush and stare away. This is  by my own definition not much of a "leader," more of a supervisor/manager. This is the type of person and presences that I am extremely uncomfortable with working. Many times this is due to the difficultly in reading this individual, their inconsistent business practices, and lack of transparency.
Be every aware of your presence. We all posses the capability of walking into a room and changing the entire environment. This is a skill that is very much overlooked, but is essential for successful leadership. If you are unaware of what type of presences you bring to a room, I challenge you to ask the people who work with you and around you (watch their body language during the discussion). But leadership is all about personal awareness, so you should already know the answer. ;)

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