Thursday, March 17, 2016

Rejuvenating Yourself in a Slump

During the valleys, what rejuvenates you?

Looking back on my pregnancy I found that I was not as "happy" as I normally am. Now, this is no way means that I am "depressed," but it is more of a fatigue, a "blah" and "ick" feeling. I was exhausted. This was probably due to some professional pressure I was feeling, along with what felt like the longest pregnancy ever. Coupled with some huge changes coming in my life that impact my family, both professionally and personally. The moral of the story is - I just did not feel like myself.

So when that starts to happen, I have to find my roots and rejuvenate myself. (Much easier said than done...) I have to consciously think about what is it that brings me joy and gets me going every day. What is it that I enjoy, in my heart, doing on a day to day basis. The simple things in life. 


  • Seeing my daughter be successful
  • Talking to my husband
  • Watching people around me grow
  • Writing and sharing my experiences

If you really look at the above motivators for me, at the deepest level, what gets me going is seeing and experiencing progress. However, this progress is not self centered, although I too need to grow and continue doing so, this progress is progress that is being made by the people around me.  

I need to know things are moving forward and not stagnate, in both my personal and professional life. This is why I write so much stuff down, it motivates me to see things getting done, things are being accomplished, or things are progressing . It motivates me beyond words to see Emma and Charley reach a new developmental milestone. It motivates me when I witness members of my team developing to their fullest potential based on my small level of influence. It motivates me when I tidy up my house (or maybe even deep clean it - nesting was in full effect) and see a difference. Celebrating the small victories helps me to get out of some of my funks. 

Just never forget sometimes, when we are in the midst of the storm, we forget the sun is still shining - we just cannot see it. Remember, when things get rough, (an they will) you need to get back to you. Who are you, and what motivates you. 

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