Tuesday, March 1, 2016

Here She Is...

Yes, it is true, I have been rather MIA. I had a long pregnancy and the last few weeks had some serious writers block, but I do have a couple of pending post that I cannot wait to finish. But back to baby, it has been exactly 2 weeks since the birth of our sweet little Charley Lin. My first post after pregnancy is all about her and her interactions in this huge new world she will discovered.
Daddy is so in love...

Our little sweetheart was born February 17, one day after her big sister's 6th birthday . (Can we say that birthday parties will be very busy going forward!) My family was there through out the entire process, and my husband never left my side. I must say, it was such a highly emotional time, in a very good way, and I wanted to take in every single moment of joy that we experienced on her birth day.

Charley's personality is very inquisitive, she is very alert and always trying to figure things out. You can often tell by the look on her face that she is really thinking.

However, when she is sleeping, she is still a serious sleeper. I have not ever come across a newborn who seemingly takes their nap time  as serious as Charley does. She is a bit of a wiggler and grunter when she is sleeping-much like her big sister.

But overall, we could not be happier. Emma adores her little sister and got to share the first few moments of life with her. She has become quite the amazing big sister. Doug is in love with the new lovely lady in his life. Mommy, well, I am making the adjustments to a new little person living with us and sleep deprivation... However, that comes with the territory and I would not change it for the world.

Always remember you only live once, 
but if you do it right once is enough. 

Always, TPG.

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