Friday, December 18, 2015

Baby 2016 Update

So just a little update on Baby 2016 

Week 20: Charley has her right arm 
against her cheek and she is sucking
 her left hand/thumb.

As a few of you may have guessed, I lost the bet... We did find out the sex, and baby is going to be an amazing little GIRL. Charley Lin Elmore (I will break the name down at a later date)! I am super thrilled, because I know my husbands only wish in life was to be surround by amazing and beautiful women, and his wish came true. However, I am still always reluctant to say baby is 100% girl until we all meet our little peanut.

Week 20: I might not have even attempted to find out the baby's sex if the ultra sound technician had not asked me twice. I walked into the room with Doug cool and confident we would not be finding out. The ultra sound technician told us we were boring (Doug disagreed), for not finding out the sex. (I later found out this guy has only been wrong 1 time in 30 years...) Then he asked us again if we were sure we did not want to find out, because this was our last chance. I said, "yes, we do not want to know." Then he asked me again, that's when I looked at Doug and said, "Sure, just tell us..."

Week 30: So now that we know the sex of baby Charley, I have started her room. (Emma wants everyone to know she was VERY helpful in the process of putting together Charley's rooms.) I kept the color scheme the same as originally planned, because I have always loved the greens and yellows. We also did a 3D Sonogram, here is the issue... Charley in the morning already has a pretty strong sleep and wake cycle. She will wake up about 4am and about 8am, our appointment was at 8:10am. She was beyond lively! She was rolling, tugging her umbilical cord, yawning, swallowing, and some random foot to face movements (trust me I felt it all, and always do!).

So now we only a have about 10 weeks left to go, and are over 3/4's of the way done with the process!!!! Yay me! Wish us (more me) luck! As we cannot wait to meet our newest little sister and baby girl in the middle of February!

All the best, and Merry Christmas!

Week 30: A glimpse of 
Charley Lin Elmore.
Week 30: Foot on face - literally you
can see her 4 little toes and her bent
big toe against her head. 

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