Saturday, September 12, 2015

Guess What?!

Wow! It seems as though I have been neglecting Duvet To Desk! But I swear to you that is not true! I have quite literally been exhausted (and nauseous), in every way, shape and form! Why am I so sick and not feeling like myself these days? Well… that is because the family has some exciting news, we will be making another huge addition to our family mid-February. Emma’s birthday, to be exact.

We are having a baby!

But truly, I am so sorry for the lack of post. (I don’t remember our first daughter being so difficult on my body, but I have days where I don’t want to even get out of bed.) I have about 4 drafted posted, but have either not found the energy or the focus to complete the post the way I wanted. But now that I am slowly getting my energy back and beginning to feel like myself I am re-engaged!

As for new baby, my husband and I have an ongoing bet ($200) that I would not be capable of waiting to find out the gender of the baby until delivery. I WILL be waiting until the day baby is born to find out if she/he is a boy or girl. So, if you think I am capable #TeamTiffany, if you know me well enough to know my planning OCD will kick in during the last sonogram #TeamDoug.

Again, I would like to welcome to our currently amazing family of 3 current (plus the dog) the newest addition:
·   Charlie (Boy)
·   Charley (Girl)

With Excitement and Love,

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