Tuesday, May 19, 2015

Constantly Thinking: Who Moved My Cheese

I just finished, literally in about 45 minutes, the best selling book, "Who Moved My Cheese," by Spencer Johnson, M.D. I very well may be one of the last people on earth to read "Who Moved My Cheese", but the book is definitely worth the read if you have not yet read it!

It is an extremely straight forward and easy read. It is a must read for anyone who is, was, and will be in the midst of change - so very literally everyone.

There are 4 main characters:
2 mice:
     Sniff and Scurry
2 little people:
     Hew and Haw

Many of us, depending on our place in life has been, is, or will be one of these 4 characters. For me personally, there was a very real, a very difficult, and a very dark time in my life that I was definitely a Hem. However, once I began my transform into a Haw, I swear to you I never felt stronger and more alive. Now I view myself as more of a Scurry (all about the action but sometimes I may need a little bit of direction). I am still fine tuning my Sniff...Always a work in progress!

"Who Moved My Cheese" only reinforces my life goal: not to get caught with my feet planted (sports analogy, I know!). 

If you are in a place in life where you just need the strength to take the first step to change, begin with reading this book, then write (that's how this blog got started!). Writting provides a high level clarity and a means for looking back at ones own progress. Why do you think Haw was always writing? To give him a sense of clarity and help him find his way. This is why to this day, I carry a notebook of quotes to remind me of where I have been and that I can always find my way out of the maze (trust me some of the quotes from "Who Moved My Cheese" are in that notebook now).

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So who are you, Hem? Haw? Sniff? Scurry? Always, The Professional Gal

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