Saturday, January 24, 2015

Worst Saying Ever... "New Year, New You"

Now that it is official 2015 and I have returned from my blogging hiatus, I am going to focus my message today on a few of my own personal goals. Better late than never, right?!?! Speaking of terrible clichés, I have never been a fan of the saying "New Year, New Me." To me, "New Year, New You" or "New Year/ New Me" implies that there is something intrinsically or fundamentally wrong with you to begin. What if you just want to stay the course you're own? What if you're already in a good place? What if you just want to be a better you?

With that in mind, I have decided I will share a few of my resolutions, and more importantly how I plan to get there. But for me, this will not be a "New Year, New You" sort of year. More like "New Year, Improve Upon What You Have Already Built You." But I guess that just doesn't have the same verbal appeal... ; )

1. Credit Card and Other Debit Free
I always said I would be debit free, but this year... Wait for it... I will! I have a real and actual plan of attack that is reasonable and achievable. I am using Dave Ramsey's baby steps and can achieve most (minus my student loans) within the next 365 days. 
2. Focus More on People AND Task
I have always held myself to a standard of being able to complete task successfully, almost any task you give me. I also have a great deal of understanding of people. In 2014 for one of the first times in my career and personal life, I found myself truly busy and forced to prioritize. My natural strength in focus, brought me to notice that I was losing people aspect of my life while achieving the task. This year, when someone comes into my office with questions or comments, I will find a reasonable stopping point in my task and be present in that conversation.  
3. Fine-Tune Myself (Personally AND Professionally)
My goal with this is to eliminate and minimize distractions in my person and professional life. Building upon the foundation that has been created, and has worked thus far for me. I am going to take a conscious and active role in personal self reflection, by asking myself did I do the right thing in all aspects of my life. I a so doing a daily gratitude-writing down something everyday that I am grateful for. Learning to celebrate even the smallest of wins!  
4. Take The Professional Gal to the Next Level. 
I am looking for a great and fun we developer for my blog. I am going to build this brand and see where it goes and I need your help and support. I will be posting weekly and making them smaller snippet post versus my traditional longer post. Just a little something you can read on the go or in a few spare minutes. 

Let's make 2015 a great year!

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