Friday, April 11, 2014

Growth Through Self Reflection

Thank You & Keep Learning!
So after reviewing my blog post over the past year: the comments, the emails, and the dialogue that has taken place, I began to notice a pattern… Y’all (that’s the new Texan in me…) love it when I post on my life lessons. These tend to be some of the harder post for me to compose and require more effort than the post regarding entry level working advice.
Many of these blog post are much harder to compose in a clear, understandable and relatable thought because the post require a higher level of self reflection and honesty. When you are delaing with difficult situaions it is very difficult to look back at the choas and try to sort it out in an objective way to really understand the situation. Sometimes...? Who am I kidding...? Many times these lessons are painful. But I must hold my head up because I am better for it now.  In the midst of the storm you cannot see the sun, but the sun has always been there. Much like in the misdt of a life changing situation you may not be able to see the end in site, but it is there.
This blog in many ways has evolved from an entry level professional advice blog into the insight on tough situations that we all face in life.  (To be completely honest with you, I like this approach much more, it feels more honest and more like me... :) Those tough situations come in the forms of issues in our personal and professional lives. Situations that can make or break us as a person, situations that we can either decide to get back up and dust ourselves off and try again, or allow ourselves to lay there shifting accountability to the world rather than self-reflecting.  Never stop growing and developing, this is the true meaning of learning is a lifelong pursuit. Every chance meeting, every good and bad situation, every opportunity that we have we should be striving to be our best selves. Anything less than your best self is a sin against humanity.
Trust me (this is still something I work on…) some days are going to be hard, hurtful, painful, and difficult. But the best part about life is that we never know what the next day will bring…

So thank you-all of you for reading, commenting, sharing, liking, messaging, emailing, and remaining loyal to The Professional Gal.

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