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Top 5 To Do's & Not To Do's in Meetings

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Top 5 To Do's & Not To Do's in Meetings

What not to do in meetings...

1. Chew Gum:

Especially if you are one of those people who "smacks" or "pops" gum. That’s what Altoids are for... This is the most irritating thing, other people in the meeting can hear you. Its a huge distraction.

2. Cell Phone on silent:

For Pete’s Sake! Turn Your Phone Off! A ringing phone is a distraction to everyone in the meeting. If you have a family emergency and you know you may be getting a call-then make that know before the meeting. People have families, kids, and lives and we will understand. Now vibrate is fine if the phone will not be sitting on a hard table (put the phone in your pocket). Because distracting people with the vibrating of a phone that is on a hard surface is the same as a phone ringing.  All you hear is "BUZZZZ BUZZZZ BUZZZZ!"

P.S. If you phone does ring because you did not silence it-just hope it is a ringer that is appropriate. And not a latest rap song… Silence the phone then apologize. 

3. Please do not email or text during a meeting

This shows a complete lack of engagement, if you are going to not be engaged in the meeting then you truly have no reason to be at the meeting. Also this is utterly rude to the presenter.

4. Eating & Drinking:

Unless this is a lunch or late meeting, avoid bringing your food to a formal meeting. It can be a distraction to the people around you.

5. Ensure the Camera is Off during WebEx/Virtual Meetings:

Oh… There is nothing better than someone hitting the wrong button on their computer and not realizing that their camera is on… And we can see you.

What to do in a meeting...

1. Ask Appropriate & Appropriately Timed Questions:

Meaning ask questions that have a true values, not the question that people ask just so hear themselves talk. Further, ask questions when the timing is correct, never just interrupt a presenter to ask a questions. Regardless of your status with an organization, people will view you as rude and express a clear lack of respect.

2. Be Engaged:

Please be present in the meeting and be engaged. This means avoiding side conversations.

3. Take Notes:

Bring a notebook, a legal-pad, and iPad/tablet; whatever you may need in case you need to jot anything down. You never what the take-a-ways may be or who will need to know what happened at the meeting they were unable to attend.

4. Arrive on Time:

What’s worse that interrupting a meeting? Arriving late to a meeting and interrupting a meeting. This is yet again rude, and can easily be avoid with a level of planning.

5. Come Prepared

Meetings are meant to be motivation, creative, informational, and decisional; come ready with your thoughts and ideas. A good suggestion is to have a good idea of what the meeting is about prior to getting there and you can formulate questions prior to getting there and know what answers you are looking for in the presentation or discussion.

How to Run an Effective Meeting:

1. Have an Agenda

2. Start and Finish on Time

3. Know the Right People to Have There

4. Get Done what the Agenda Sets Out to Do

5. Determine Action Items, If Needed

Be a part of a team. Lead with integrity. Remain committed to your core values.
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